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Best 4 CPM Advertisement Networks for Publisher 2020 (High CPM Ad Networks) – Earn Up to $10 per thousand views

The market content distributors have consistently been searching for the perfect and Best CPM Advertisement Networks for Publisher to band together with. You can’t settle with simple Google Adsense.

Concurred, finding the best elective advertisement organize is more difficult than one might expect. In any case, it isn’t generally difficult to improve your advertisement incomes, when you realize the market well.

We work with distributors over the globe and assist them with adapting their content. Consequently, we accept we are the best source to get you the correct information on the Best CPM Advertisement Networks For Publisher 2020.


Are the CPM Ad Networks Right For You?

In spite of the fact that it is important to band together with the advertisement systems or networks, you have to guarantee that they are the correct decision for you.

We helped many publishers to build their ads publishing income by up to 55 percent with the assistance of promotion trades and restrictive items. Promotion Exchanges or Ad Exchanges can show signs of improvement CPM (Cost Per Mile) for a similar impression and traffic.

Thus, you can either go to advertisement trades or ads systems.


How to choose the Right Ad Network according to your monthly traffic?

In the event that it is lesser than 10 Lakh (1 Million) online visits, then the below list is for you. So let’s check it out.

Moreover, if your website gets more than 10 Lakh (1 Million) site hits then we have better alternatives for you including promotion trades, direct promotions, private commercial centers, and client-based advertisement companies.

In the event that you’ve chosen to start with CPM promotion networks, at that point let us help you.

You know CPM advertisement systems pay you depending on the impressions you convey. Suppose you gave them 10K impressions and your Cost Per Mile is $5, at that point, they’ll pay you $50 altogether.

Thus, watch out for website traffic constantly. All things considered, even the best advertisement arrangement won’t have the option to support you, if your traffic is sinking each day.


1. Media.Net is one of the most popular advertisement networks with worldwide nearness and premium organizations. They run the world’s second-biggest relevant advertisements program from Yahoo and Bing Network Contextual Ad organize.


Also, they have a demonstrated reputation of aching tail distributors to expand their CPM rate. That’s why we included on our best CPM advertisement networks for the publisher list.

So as to get an endorsement from them, organizations are required to have unique content, which must be refreshed frequently, and protected innovation rights must not be abused all the while. acknowledges just English websites and blogs. If your site is having content in other languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish then you cant be accepted to their advertisement program.

And the main thing is which we can consider that a larger part of publishers of is from the American countries. So media .net needs in any event 10-15% traffic from the USA and Canada to favor your website or blog.



➤ In the partner program, you get a Personal Account Manager.

Earning is sent after the payout has come to $100.

➤ You can get payment through Wire Transfer, Checks, and PayPal.

➤ Awesome Customer support.

➤ High Clickable (Click Through Rate) ads appear on the website.

contextual ads of
Contextual ads of


➤ Accepts only English Blogs.

➤ High traffic requirement for website approval.

➤ Needs Tier-1 Countries traffic such as the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

➤ Strict Policies.


2. Propeller Ads Media

Propeller ads network offers a gigantic cluster of advertisement items including Popunder ad units, interstitial advertisements, exchange advertisements, and standard pennant promotions.

They’re well known among the download and songs websites and blogs. In any case, they can pay you a higher CPMs as AdSense, contingent upon your clients’ geographical location.

propeller ads media


Clearly, you can improve, in the event that you have great traffic from the United States and the United Kingdom.

Propeller Ads is one of the quickest developing advertisement companies. They center around a 100% fill rate for distributors with the greatest CPM rates. We included this network to our best CPM advertisement networks for the publisher list.

Propeller Ads are additionally mainstream among publicists as they center around the most extreme ROI for the promoter.

Propeller Ads auto-streamline crusades to get the best Return On Investment and Cost Per Mile rates. Its AI framework tweaks the settings subsequently guaranteeing that you get the number of changes you need.

Its extortion counteraction innovation permits you to appreciate top-notch traffic and guarantees security at all the means of promoting and adaptation. In addition, it’s an amazing and simple to-utilize Self-Serve Platform which accompanies ongoing and top to bottom revealing for observing your prosperity.



➤ It’s very easy to use and allows users to interface ad promoters to advance execution and break down outcomes effectively and rapidly. The super-simple dashboard permits you to launch advertisements in minutes.

➤ PropellerAds offers the devices to gauge and also analyze your presentation.

➤ Very simple to join.

➤ They provide Real-time reporting.

➤ They give direct 80% of the income to the publishers.

➤ They provide payment from Wire Transfer and Payoneer.



➤ Adult ads may also appear.

➤ The visitor may not love to see popunder or full-screen promotions by any stretch of the imagination. In this way, lousy client experience and higher ricochet rates.

➤ They don’t support PayPal for payment.


3. Adbuff

Adbuff is a well-performing CPM advertisement company that utilizes its Real-Time Bidding (RTB) innovation to build CPMs. Indeed, Adbuff is viewed by the publisher as one of the best Google AdSense substitutes.

adbuff ads


Their system permits the sponsors to offer continuously for your inventory, in this way they improve their publisher income.

Adbuff is an online ad trade network and their headquarter situated in Canada. A large number of promoters, publishers, and advertisement systems are working with this system. The income models of this network are CPC (Cost Per Click, CPM (Cost Per Mile), and CPA (Cost Per Action). We included adbuff to our best CPM advertisement networks for the publisher list.

It is a decent option for the Propeller ads network. But Adbuff checks the websites and blogs before approving them.



➤ Adbuff provides an advance Real-time dashboard, which gives ongoing reports.

➤ It provides very clean advertisements to their publisher.

➤ You get a Personal Account Manager the same as the ad network.

➤ It also provides joining rewards and a higher CPM rate.

➤ As they acknowledge distributors with fully unique content and level 1 traffic, promotions are relied upon to be important and checked.

➤ Works well with Google Adsense.



➤ The publisher gets its payment on a Net 45 basis.

➤ The website or blog must be in English

➤ Need 2000 Visits per day to get approved on their program. Most of the traffic must originate from the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, and Australia.

➤ The website must be active for 3 Months. Old domains are more preferable.


4. Revcontent

Revcontent is one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense. It is a content suggestion ad network that was built up in 2013. Revcontent accepts only those websites that have very high traffic like getting at least 50K Pageviews in a month.

They also offer a lot of promotion systems like Native advertisement, Half page advertisement, Custom API for distributers to put alongside the substance on their websites or blogs. It is one of the best CPM advertisement networks for the publisher.



Revcontent assists distributors with boosting income through substance suggestions which are structured under local adverts and completely adaptable gadgets, that admirably coordinate a wide range of field.

In addition, free adaptable innovation that quickly conveys the privilege and quality substance to your planned crowd. That is the motivation behind why distributors can improve their traffic at 30-half higher rates than different stages.

It implies CPC and CPA rates will be higher than any time in recent memory. The enlisting procedure is additionally so quick and basic, distributers are affirmed dependent upon the situation.



➤ They provide incredible help to their customers and publishers.

➤ It gives high CPM rates to all countries.

➤ It provides Quality matched content advertisements.

➤ Totally provide native advertisements that are profoundly adjustable gadgets to your site.

➤ Supported on mobile websites as well.

➤ Very exact and Real-Time reporting dashboard.

➤ The payment threshold is just US$50.



➤ Very High traffic requirement.

➤ Quite difficult to join, a large number of websites are dismissed due to the quality issues.

➤ They have a lot of criteria to turn into a distributor of Revcontent, you normally need a site with at any rate 10 Lakh (1 million) traffic for every month.

➤ They need fresh and fully unique quality content.

➤ Your Alexa Rank should be below 10 thousand.


Conclusion (Best CPM Advertisement Networks For Publisher)

So, here are the Best CPM Advertisement Networks For Publisher. There are numerous promotion networks that center around adaptation arrangements by common advertisement structures, for example, native, popup, popunder that assist you with getting the high CPM rates.

However, they truly occupy client encounters and those may not return to your website any longer.

If you want to know their ad performance then the most ideal path is to explore. Be that as it may, it is imperative to realize how to appropriately test. Removing the promotion arranges unexpectedly may place a major gap in your income. Experience and choose what’s directly for you.

Furthermore, at that point start with a couple of CPM promotions networks from the outset. Test, measure, and upgrade.

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