How To Make A Free Website In Just 5 Minutes (1)

Have you ever wondered if all of those advertisements and blog articles are saying that it’s really easy to make a personal website in under five minutes?

Are actually true because people do get paid to make websites and it doesn’t sound like it’s a five-minute job.

So since we are curious and we want to put this claim to the test. We guess it’s review time hello and welcome everybody to Diginamo, my name’s Naveen. I am with the hosting review team and today we will be attempting to create a website within 5 minutes.

For this challenge, I have chosen to use Wix as it allows me to create and host my website within the same platform. It also has some awesome templates for me to dismantle. So without any further delay let’s go!

Making A Wix Website In 5 Minutes

We are going to do it step by step with you. So, now that we’re on the computer. All we have to do it head over to You can even use our Wix referral link. It doesn’t cost you anything, but it gives me credit down the road.


1. Step 1

But once you visit the page, it’s going to take you to just this landing page (see below image). The buttons do the same thing as if you were to go to the home page.

So, you can hit any of these here.

Just get started, or you can hit the button “start now”, and then, it’ll just ask you to log in to your Wix account/sign up to create a new one.

It just needs a name, email address, and password, very simple. After login, you will be on the brand new Wix dashboard. You probably don’t have a website already.

So, you’ll be prompted with a button that says create your first website. If you do have other websites on this account, no problem.

If you want to create a new one, all we have to do is, hit create a new site right here, and then, it brings us to kind of this questionnaire.

This will just ask, you will get a lot of templates we want to choose from. We can completely change this in the “next step”.

wix templates

So, just kind of go into the general category that you’re thinking.

If you’re going into a business, you can just set business there, and then, you have two options. You can either do artificial intelligence, which is this button over here or you can create your own site (manually).

Now, quickly to cover this, if you do artificial intelligence, it’ll ask you questions. It’ll create the website for you automatically. If you do this over here, you can actually choose from templates and customize them yourself.

I wholeheartedly recommend you to customize it yourself.

When you go with artificial intelligence, it sometimes puts something that you don’t want there or you really don’t like and then, it becomes more of a hassle to try to fix that.

wix editing options

wix sign up